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Friday, 12 October 2012

Fall 2012 Sewing Goals: Bite sized chunks

I put together a summer sewing plan for myself to help keep me focused and motivated and most importantly, prevent myself from being overwhelmed.

This fall I have a few goals in mind to get the most bang for my buck when I sew:

Make clothes that I will actually wear.
As fun as it is to sew gorgeous party dresses. I go to work 5 days a week and go to glamorous parties about zero days a week. So: work wear with a side of casual.

Every pattern should be a block.
My modus operandi for fitting is usually to do a lot of tweaking and final fitting of the garment as I sew, without adjusting the pattern to reflect the changes I made, which results in me spending a lot of time fiddling with fit even when I make the pattern multiple times. No more. I've got to put the time in to get the pattern perfect so I can whip of multiples of my favorite patterns.

Inner beauty.
I find that the hardest part of sewing garments is making them well-finished on the insides. It drives me crazy! Properly finished seams help seams lie flat and prevent raveling and give me a feeling that all is right in the world.

My ear training teacher used to describe breaking an insurmountable task down into smaller pieces and dealing with them one at a time. She used to picture those carnival games where there are little ducks going by and you have to shoot the ducks until they fall down. 

You just break every task down to it's smallest component duck and then shoot the duck with a gun.

I'm going to choose not to picture ducks getting shot but you get my point. I think.

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  1. We definitely have the first 2 goals in common!!