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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wardrobe Breakdown!

Not that kind of breakdown. The kind with charts!

I just read Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Cline.

Am I the last one? I feel like everyone has already read it. I heard about it from Peter at Male Pattern Boldness. (Is anyone else getting a weird warning from their browser when they visit his page? What gives?)

What did you think of this book? I was pretty jaw-dropped right from the get-go, when she started listing off the quantities of clothes she owned. "Socks and underwear notwithstanding, [she] owned 354 pieces of clothing. Americans buy an average of sixty four items of clothing a year"

Those just seem like some crazy numbers! It made me curious how my wardrobe would stack up.

OK, who the *F* needs 61 tops and 60 T shirts ? I did come out on top in a couple of categories, though. Most notably shoes!

 I found it interesting that her categories included "workout pants" but not any other workout gear. Is she one of those people who wears yoga pants as "fashion"? Yuck. I fit all my workout wear in the original categories. Maybe she did this too? Although if she differentiated between tops, tank tops, T shirts and the inexplicable "long-sleeved shirts" I would have expected her to have separated out her exercise tops.

I also had three pairs of pants that didn't really fit in the "Dress Pants" category (and how I hate that description. They're trousers!) so I just put them in the "Jeans" category, since I wear them like jeans.

While I was sorting through my clothes, I figured I'd check out a few more stats for your viewing pleasure.

Fiber composition! Cotton much? I had some trouble with this because I couldn't devise any practical way to account for the size of a garment. In this chart, a bra made of spandex is weighted the same as a full-length silk dress. Further complicating things, some tags gave the fiber content of linings and some didn't, some were not in English and some contained the frightful "Other fibers". Yikes! I also excluded my tights from this because they don't have tags.

Don't you just love infographics? I do, so you can imagine my delight at being able to make my very own world map infographic. You too can experience the ecstasy of infographicmakership. Check out this nifty tutorial.

Result! Pretty slick, right? I didn't include mine in the "made in Canada" number because that would really skew things.

18 of my 156 garments are made by me. Here it is in handy chart form!

I'm glad I'm not a compulsive shopper or hoarder. This would have taken me all day!

What's in your closet?


  1. Wow, I'm impressed - I wouldn't dare count up how many I've got of anything. I'm not so bad with the shoes though, big feet put me off buying too often...
    I tend to buy clothes rarely, but in bulk. For example, I've just bought my stock of winter tights and I can now throw away all the manky ones left over from previous years. I bought 4 dresses earlier in the summer, but nothing since. I never look to see where they were made - I'm too scared to check them now.
    Interesting article - keep it up :)

    1. Thanks Janet! I wish I could buy in bulk but I just seem to hate shopping and I can't seem to find things I like. Oh well.

  2. I read the book too and it confirmed me in my shopping diet : for the second time this year I don't shop for any clothes/shoes/etc for several months. I did it from january to march this initially and again right now since september (although I'm going to Paris for a few days next week and I always buy shoes there so....). But when I read that part I wanted to count my clothes too. You inspired me, since I'm about to rotate my wardrobe to winter stuff I'll take the opportunity and count stuff !

    1. Cool! I did my count when I changed over my wardrobe. I love fall clothes!

      I figure that the more clothes you sew, the more you should be allowed to spend on accessories and fine leather goods (hence my rather exorbitant number of shoes). I wish I were going to to be shopping in Paris next week!