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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Professional White Oxford

Hey, it's a shirt! I'm not 100% happy with this pattern, but this shirt is more than wearable.

I used Burda's 04/2012 Long Sleeve Blouse 114. I've tweaked this pattern a bit and added some little details like a gather and loop at the back, back darts, sleeve plackets.

I'll be posting a sleeve placket tutorial in the next couple days. It's crazy easy!

Since making this shirt, I've reduced the length and width of the sleeve quite a bit. I'm going to make it again to make sure that pattern is just right, but I'm going to wait on Shirtmaking Techniques by David Page Coffin to come in at the Library. The instructions that came with the pattern were terrible and I want to find just the right interfacing for the cuffs and collars to make them nice and crisp.

What are your tips for making the perfect button up shirt?

Look how giant these sleeves are! I think I'll stick to keeping the sleeves rolled up.

This skirt is one of the first garments I ever made, using the same pattern as my lace skirt. It's a damn good staple.

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