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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Style Crush: Winona Hawkins

You guys...I have a crush.

On a fictional character...'s clothing.

Have you seen Justified? I enjoy it. Very thoroughly. There are many things to like about Justified. The clever quips in a Kentucky accent. Modern day gun slinging hijinks. Raylan Givins'...hat.

But my favorite part is Winona's clothes.

Winona is a court stenographer and Raylan Givins' ex-wife, played by Natalie Zea

I'm amazed that there aren't more pics online of her in character. Her style is so feminine and refined. Definitely very much inspired by a 1950's silhouette. Even her jewelry is delicate and feminine.

This look is something I definitely want to incorporate into my own work look (obviously), but I feel like Winona's look is sometimes a little too proper (uhhhh...except for the gash on her face here). I would really like to be able to add something a little unexpected to an outfit like this (not a gash on my face).

Maybe a masculine watch?

Or some fierce booties?

How can I keep a look like this from getting boring?

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