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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Too nice to wear?

Do you have clothes that are too nice to wear? You know, things that you love so much you don't wear them because they'll get ruined and eventually you'll have to get rid of them altogether?

 When I first started sewing, I worried that my clothes would either be too homemade looking or that I would be too afraid of ruining them to wear. For the most part, I'm really comfortable in my self made clothes and many of them have become my wardrobe basics.

 I'm glad that this mostly isn't a problem for me, but there are two RTW pieces that I shy away from because they are too nice to wear.

 100% snow white silk with gorgeous metal beading. I think this shirt really flatters me but it's one of those shirts that gets grungy-looking fast. I've worn it maybe a half-dozen times, but the armpits are already discolouring! Why are some fabrics so prone to this? I've stopped wearing deodorant with it (TMI?). Dry-cleaning doesn't help. Booo. I'm already planning to do something to reuse the beading when I finally give up on this shirt. What can I do to make this shirt more wearable? What should I do with the beading afterward?

I've had these for 6 months and I haven't even opened the packaging! I love tights but I seem to go through them like crazy. I love these art-deco macrame tights but I'm sure they'll get destroyed the first time I wear them. (Also my sweetheart bought them for me and I'm silly-attached to everything he gives me, even though we've been together for 6 years.) I often wear tights with leather boots, which seems to be really hard on them. What can I do to make my tights last longer?

 Do you have clothes that are too nice to wear? What can I do to get over it and make the most of the garments that I have?


  1. You can wear socks in your boots that are just high enough so they protect your tights but just low enough so you won't see them (same color as stocking).
    When I'm scared I'll ruin a blouse or other precious garment I use armpit pads. They are quite invisible and once you get used to them (after 5min) they won't bother you

    1. Are the armpit pads you use the kind that stick to the inside of the garment? I've used those before but only on thicker clothes. What brand do you use?

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I have this fear mostly with shoes, heels in particular. I love high heels but I feel like the first time I wear them outside the house, they get scuffed...I have these awesome pink heels that I wore ONE TIME and they already have this black mark across them that I can't get off!

    Didn't know armpit pads existed. Good to know!

    Love those tights, by the way.

    1. That's the worst! There's a great leather repair place called Kaner's handbag and shoe repair at Bloor and Bay. I've heard they can do amazing things. They replaced my heel lifts and did a great job at a reasonable price.

      You could also try adding something decorative to the heel to cover up the scuff. My friend just spruced up some leather booties with stud trim.

  3. If you're worried about your tights snagging and not having another perfect pair on hand, sign up for a monthly service like HauteLegs, they'll keep the tights coming and have an amazing selection of basics to choose from as well as specialized mini boutiques! Check it out!