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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Who are you mysterious people?

I find it very intriguing that there are so many holds placed on sewing books in the Toronto Public Library system.

The last few times I've placed a hold on a sewing book, there have been other people with holds on the same title. There are usually more copies than there are holds, so I always get the book I want pretty quickly, but that also means that there's a pretty steady flow of people putting holds on these books.

Who are they?

I'm just super curious who these other sewers in my city are! We could be friends! I've learned so much from sewing blogs but it would be nice to share knowledge in person.

Maybe they're all fashion students? The people working in the fabric stores always think I'm a student because most of their customers are.

Do you get together to sew with friends? How can I network to meet other people who sew in my city?


  1. If it was 2 yrs ago, I'd have been one of the, trying to watch all sewing related DVDs and browse sewing related books from Toronto library, but now we've moved to Mississauga, so the Mississauga public library gets my reservation lists!

    Nice to see another Torontonian Seer blogger..
    Here are some more GTA sewists/bloggers.

    Loved reading your blog.. will drop by more often.

    1. Rad-tacular! Thanks for the links.

      How's the fabric shopping in Mississauga? Any good garment fabric?

      I'm kind of obsessed with fabric shopping but so many of the stores downtown sell terrible, cheap fabric.

      A friend of mine calls my obsession with delicious fabrics 'fabric-lust'

  2. Totally get the fabric-lust!

    I haven't shopped for fabric in Mississauga other than a visit to Fabricland once or twice.. I've heard Ann's Fabric in upper Hamilton has really good stuff.

    I mostly buy from the US - ship it to friends and pick it up when I visit them these days. In the past, I've tried shipping them to Canada but a couple of times the shipping got so ridiculous and add taxes to that, it was no bargain anymore!

    Connie has a post on Toronto fabric stores.

  3. Hello! I just googled Toronto sewing blog, and look who I found! I live about 30 min north of Brampton, so I'm definitely not IN Toronto... but in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty close by! I blog at A couple of the other sewing bloggers I know are planning a meetup in January - Wanna join us?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, I would love to get together in January! I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to blogging and sewing so I'd love an opportunity to get together. I've just subscribed to your blog using Google reader. Let me know when you guys have made plans. Who else will be involved?