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Saturday, 15 December 2012

A satisfying little project

After weeks of fiddling with the fit of my sweetheart's jacket and only progressing at a snail's pace, today I did a quick little project that is also in preparation for actually sewing this jacket.

I feel like I should give this jacket a name, don't you? Maybe I'll call it the Crushinator, since it's trying to crush my will to sew. As an aside, I've had my eye on what I thought was the perfect fabric for almost a year - a lovely, 100% wool camel coloured herringbone just like the RTW version my sweetheart had his eye on.

Last weekend, I get to the store and find that the fabric is still there and there's even a couple of bolts of it! As the gentleman who's cutting my fabric starts to unroll it, I spot a flaw.

This fabric has a lot of flaws, he explains, we'll look over the length carefully and he'll give me plenty of extra to work with.

Great. We start looking carefully and I pretty quickly spot another flaw, this time it's an uneveness in the weave itself.

The guy admits that yes, the weave is very inconsistent.

We start looking for alternative fabrics and find several more bolts of the original herringbone but nothing that we want.

I'm starting to think, at this point, that I should just make a wearable muslin using the poor quality fabric.

But now the guy won't sell it to me! He says it's not good enough to sell!

I guess it's good that he was honest about how terrible the quality was but I was so disappointed!

We looked at several other stores but couldn't find a similar replacement and finally decided on a really nice black and white herringbone but it's just not the same!

The moral of the story is that today I made a tailor's ham and a sleeve roll. Booyah!

With free patterns by Victory Patterns' Krisitanne Boos's guest post at Tilly and the buttons, I used only stuff that I already had on hand:

  • Laboratory grade Aspen bedding (what, you don't have laboratory grade aspen bedding lying around?)
  • Useless Spoonflower colour charts (I got about a million of them when they changed their colour profile.)
  • Really gorgeous wool that I tried to make a hat out of for my sweetheart last Christmas that I never finished. Not like this year!!! Definitely going to finish the Crushinator.

I'm totally in love with these! They turned out nice and dense. Man, that laboratory grade aspen bedding packs like wet snow.

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