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Friday, 21 December 2012

Slightly more than I can chew?

So it’s officially no longer fall and I've completed 3 of the 6 garments I had wanted to make this season. Maybe I bit off more than I could chew? To be fair, Christmas and job hunting/starting a new job definitely took up more time than usual but aren't there always things coming up in real life that unexpectedly take up your time?

I am well on my way towards finishing the Butterick jacket for my sweetheart, which took so much time and energy to fit that sewing seems like a relief! Sadly, it won't be ready for Christmas.
On further reflection, I realize that trying to sew 6 garments every season would result in 24 garments a year!  Two each month! I know for a lot of sewing bloggers (Lladybird puts me to shame) that would be no sweat but for me that’s just not sustainable in terms of time and I am trying to keep my closet more minimal, so I’m not sure I need 24 new garments every year.
I guess I just got caught up thinking of all the things I want to make and not keeping in mind the things that I should make.
I’m not completely happy with my results in my goals this season either. I really struggle with fit and altering patterns, especially in understanding how different fabrics will affect the fit of a pattern, and sometimes even understanding when the fit is right. Trouble fitting often leads to trouble finishing the insides nicely.
Of the three garments that I did make I love all three and wear them regularly. So there's that.

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