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Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Crushinator: Almost Looks Like a Jacket

It's starting to look like a jacket! OK, it looks like the ugliest, most unflatteringly lumpy jacket known to mankind but still.

See? My boyfriend is not a rectangle, I swear! I think I'm going to have to try nipping it in even more at the waist and it may have been a mistake to add a little room through the chest. The biggest problem, though, is that the pockets are so bulky! They sit just above his hips and make him look sloppy.

It's not looking too bad from the back. I'm choosing to believe that the vent is wonky because the lining isn't in yet. Right? Right.

Here it is with some pretty aggressive pinning in the sides and back.

Yeah, I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better. I wish that this pattern had a separate side panel. Instead, it has a front panel that that wraps pretty far under the arm and has a long dart from the underarm to the pocket.

Should I remove what I can from the front pockets and make them non-functional? Should I try to take it in at the side seems and the darts or just take in at the seems?

Also this happened today.

Awesome, right? I thought I had pricked it well enough but it turns out I was wrong.


  1. The jacket looks good. If you can complete a jacket like that and make it look half-way decent, it is like the Mt. Everest of sewing. I'm not sure if you have stumbled across it, but there is a forum for tailors (and would-be tailors) that has a pretty good tutorial for making a jacket:
    It looks like you are well into this project, but maybe for next time. Best.

    1. Whoa! I just registered for the forum you mentioned. Thank you so much for recommending it. My mind is blown!

      The process of making this coat has certainly shown me how much I don't know about even basic tailoring, especially the fitting process.

      I also checked out your blog and subscribed using Google reader. I'm kind of obsessed with making shirts lately. I ordered David Page Coffin's Shirtmaking the other day.

    2. The CT Forum is a really good site to get both a lot of information and lot of humility. It is inhabited by old-school bespoke tailors on one side and newbie hacks (like myself) on the other, trying to grab some hard-to-find information. . . I am working at perfecting my shirt-making method as well. There have been a lot of fits and starts, but I am starting to narrow things down now. I have the Coffin book as well (and his trouser book). It's probably the best book out there, but not all of his methods are the easiest or most effective way--the main reason I started the blog posts: to put down those bits and pieces that I have found from a bunch of different sources that are more effective. The aim is it write it all out in blog form, then distill it down into a small ebook. It's going to cover measuring, drafting a shirt pattern from those measurements, cutting and pattern matching, construction methods with variations as needed, and fitting (which, of course, leads back to redrafting, and around again). The end goal being a guide to make bespoke-level dress shirts for the home sewer. I am shooting to have it all done by the end of 2013. Considering I have only been sewing for less than a year, I am sort of using myself as gauge in the process.

    3. Wow, that sounds like quite the task! I'm looking forward to following your progress.