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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Crushinator: Prepare to get SEWNED

You heard me.

It wasn't until I was almost halfway through the cutting out that I realized that this garment requires almost 50 pieces. I wanted the cutting out to be finished Sunday and now it`s Tuesday night but it`s done. There were moments when I despaired. So much lining! I use every trick in the book and it's still absolutely maddening. Is there anyone who doesn't hate cutting out lining?

I'm also driven mad by having to transfer all of the markings. I used tailor's tacks when I could but there was still a lot of tracing wheel action going on and I just never feel like I'm being accurate enough! Any tips you can offer me?

The world would be perfect of it was only kids and dogs and already-cut-out sewing projects. Am I right? OK, I guess we can include eggnog in there, too.

Oh hey, here`s the fourth muslin.

Where is muslin number 3, you ask? And why didn't I attach sleeves to this one? And why didn't I have him wear it with the clothes that he plans to wear under the garment?

Well, I couldn't be bothered. Number 3 was craptacular but I learned what I needed to know about the grainline and now it's crumpled in a ball on the floor of our dining room (where it belongs).

I'm thinking I might need to add vertical darts to the front. I noticed that several of his jackets have these. I may also take a little in from the centre back seam but I'm getting started with the actual garment anyway.

Lord knows I love doing fitting tweaks while I'm constructing the garment. Oh...wait.

Please enjoy this demonstration of my sewing prowess. Yes, yes. The endless cutting failed to thwart me, Crushinator; prepare to get sewned.

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