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Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Whole Lotta Spending Money

Hey, do you guys subscribe to Daily Buzz Style? It's a mailing list that sends you a set of blog post links to your inbox. They have a new topic every day. Most of the time I'm not interested but every once and a while I see something interesting.

Yesterday's topic was style resolutions. This post includes the blogger's clothing budget, which is $250 per month. That's $3000 a year! At first I thought that my spending for last year would have been way below that but then I thought about how I tend to buy fewer garments but I spend more money on them (I own two pairs of $300 pants, which I bought two years ago (and still wear constantly)). I've also tried to give myself permission to spend more on things like bras and shoes, since I buy so few new pieces of clothing.

It made me realize that I have no idea how much I spend on what I wear. And I tend to splurge on fabric for the clothes I make.

Do you have a clothing and/or fabric budget? How did you calculate it?

I'm thinking I might try to track my spending on RTW and self-made clothes for the year to see what I really spend.

Oh, and did I mention I got a new job? My first pay was supposed to be direct deposited two weeks ago but it didn't show up. I called payroll and they had made a mistake entering my banking information and then it took them another week to locate the funds and send me a cheque (our payroll department is offsite). Of course, even once I deposited it, the bank put a hold on all but $200 so this week's pay has been deposited and I still don't have access to my last pay. Gah!

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