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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Alternative Pattern Companies

Having grown up in the 90's, the word alternative always makes me think of the music, which is the most nebulous description of a type of music pretty much ever.

Uh, anyway.

I've been thinking about everyone other than the 'big' pattermakers (which I count as Butterick-McCall's-Vogue-Kwik Sew, and Simplicity.)

You recognize this pattern, right?

Do you consider BurdaStyle a 'big' patternmaker or not? I'm inclined to think of them a big but maybe that's only from my perspective of going on their website pretty much all the time.

Sometimes I just forget about the smaller patternmakers. I have to admit that I mostly just download BurdaStyle patterns but there are so many great pattern designers out there! Maybe it's time for me to branch out?

What about this one?

What are your favorites?

Here's a list of the smaller/less well-known patternmakers I'm more of less familiar with. I really just wanted to have a list all in one spot that I could refer to when I need inspiration. I'll add to this list as I discover/remember/am reminded of others.

So help me out - what designers have I missed?

Am I the last home sewer that doesn't own this pattern?

What is your go-to designer? What do you love about them?

Is there anything about these little pattern makers that you don't like? 

As I mentioned above, I don't buy many patterns from these designers but I'm not entirely sure why. I guess some of the designs look a little 'homemade' but it's not like I don't know I can add interesting details and use great fabric to make a plain pattern look more sophisticated. And certainly, with my pear shape I should be all over Sewaholic's Thurlows. Maybe it's just the price? And shipping to Canada isn't cheap but many independent designers have download options. I can't figure it out!


  1. Dana, Sewaholic is from Vancouver.. and she runs sales on her patterns once in a while....

    And I think Jalie could be added to that list.. That's based out of Montreal. Then there's hotpatterns as well!

    Out of all those mentioned above,most have a vintagey vibe.. I have Colette's book, but haven't tried any... Jalie and Hotpatterns are more trendy than the other independant patterns..

    Burda, I'd think its a biggie...

  2. Here's a good master list:

    I've taken a different path from you - In my one year of sewing, I've made almost exclusively indie patterns! I started off with Colette and Sewaholic, and then Grainline, Maria of Denmark and Cake... I really like supporting people, and I love the backup security of knowing that I can tweet with them to get help if I need it! :P

  3. Sewaholic, Victory Patterns, and Jalie are Canadian. And a lot of Canadian sewing lounges (like Fabrications in Ottawa and The Workroom in Toronto) sell patterns from other designers, in store or online, and with reasonable shipping.

    1. Yeah, The Make Den carries patterns as well and they're right around the corner from me, but I still don't buy those patterns.