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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Coin Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

I made another bracelet like these ones and this time I took photos for anyone who is curious. This is a nice simple project that you can finish in about an hour and depending on what types of material you use, can come to about $10-$15 and who doesn't like that?

What you'll need:

  • Beads 
    • I used little cut stone beads or coin pearls. I'm obsessed with coin pearls.
  • Thread 
    • get the silk stuff that comes with a wire needle attached. I guess you could use any thread and thread the needle yourself but with the pre-threaded silk stuff costing about $2.50 I can't see why you would. It's nice and can come in a variety of shades and grades. You'll need extra thread to make your tassel. I like to use regular all-purpose thread so the tassel doesn't get too bulky.
  • Clasp 
    • I'm using a magnetic clasp because magnets are awesome. Just remember to slide them apart, not pull them apart or your thread will break eventually and you'll cry bitter, bitter tears for your foolishness or something.
  • Cardstock
    •  or similar. 3-4 inches wide.

1. Thread the beads to about the length you want your bracelet to be.

2. Loop through one side of the clasp.

3. Thread back through your beads.

4. When you've gone back through all your beads, knot both ends of the thread together, thread through the other end of your clasp and knot again.

5. Prepare your tassel thread by winding a bunch of thread around the piece of cardboard and then cut through all the threads in one place to get a good number of short pieces of thread all the same length, just like in this video. Knot the beaded thread around the centre of your tassel thread

6. Tie a knot in your tassel thread, including you beading thread.

And yer done!

Some housekeeping:

I'm learning html and CSS. If anyone has tips or tutorials they can point me to, please do!

I bought some tights from Joe Fresh Style for $15 and black Ralph Lauren pumps for $65, bringing my grand total for January to $195. I feel the need to mention that this rate of shoe acquisition is highly uncharacteristic of me, I swear.

What are your shopping weaknesses?

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