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Monday, 4 February 2013

Style Crush: Ruth from Wartime Farm

The BBC historical farm series is back, this time with Wartime Farm. So far this is by far my favorite era for them.

Have you seen any of this series? They also did Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm.

The series focuses on how England's farms really had to step up to provide food for an population that imported 70% of their food before the war. Farms were asked to increase production of human food by 50%. This meant the use of new time saving technologies and the beginning of women taking a significant role in the physical labour of a farm.

And of course, features lost of great 40's fashion.

I love that they wear tailored clothes to do farm work! It's amazing to see how the use of these clothes has changed so much.

There is also the gratuitous use of kerchiefs.

In case you want to help me bring this look back, you can find an easy instructional video here.


Wartime Farm is currently being broadcast Mondays at 7 on TVO, for those of us that are in Ontario. You can stream episodes from the TVO website, too. Thank you publicly funded television!

While poking around on the internet looking for photos, I found this awesome blog. Pretty cool, yes?

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  1. My sister loves that series! I prefer the Victorian and Edwardian ones... but they are all really cool! Did you know that there is a knitting pattern available for one of the men's sweatervests?