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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pattern Appreciation Post: 04/2010 Long sleeve blouse #114

The first thing you'll probably notice about this pattern is its sexy, sexy name.

This isn't really an appreciation post but I figured I've got a bit of a thing going with these posts and it's not like I hate the pattern or anything. If I hated it, I wouldn't be the three most recent projects based on this pattern on BurdaStyle. Which I am. I'm not even joking. Look!


Let me tell you, I'm really working my ass of to make this pattern work. For my most recent incarnation, I printed it at 90%, lengthened and narrowed the sleeves, added a sleeve placket, used different collar and collar stand... you get the idea.

It's also basically impossible to construct this shirt pattern using traditional shirtmaking techniques because the sleeve is meant to be set in. What's the point?

The instructions suck, too.

Damn, I didn't realize that I'd be ragging on this pattern so much.

One thing in its favour is that the pattern comes with dress length option, which I guess is pretty cool.

Can you recommend a great shirt pattern? I'm looking for something very menswear-inspired with traditional details (back pleats at the yoke, sleeve placket, Sleeves meant to be attached flat, etc.) with just the right amount of ease. Does such a thing exist?


  1. Hi there, have you considered using men's pattern? People have great results using the small sizes of this japanese book: !

    1. Whoa, good thinking! I tried your link but the book is not available so it keeps sending me back to another page. What is the title of the book?


    2. 男のシャツの本 by Ryuichiro Shimazaki. Kinokuniya has it as well as Tessuti!