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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pattern Appreciation Post: Sacrifice to the Sewing Gods

I've been in a bit of a sewing doldrums lately. I've been trying to really take my time and learn how to make my Cutter and Tailor skirt right but I'm also really bummed that I haven't gotten my button up shirt pattern sorted out.

I haven't made a garment in ages! It's springtime and I want new clothes!

So I decided to try to give myself a little kick by reverse engineering a pattern from an RTW shirt that fit me pretty well but was a little worse for wear.

I didn't take a pic before cutting it up but it had a couple of little stains and the some seams were coming apart.

There were a few things that were really interesting.

Here's a pic of the front shoulder and neckline area and you can see the front shoulder has a gentle curve. The back shoulder line is straight.

 I was really surprised by the shape of the neckline seam. It's no where near as curved as the burda style shirt. Here's that pattern (with the yoke) so you can see the contrast.

You can see that the RTW shirt pattern neckline is more of a rounded angle than a real curve. Weird! Do most home sewing patterns have the curved or angular neckline on collared shirts?

I'm sorry that this is such a crummy photo but I wanted to show how pretty this sleeve pattern is. Check out how curvy the seamline is, especially right at the, like, corner.

Yeah, that bit. Nice, right?

I'm also surprised that the sleeve head is almost exactly symmetrical, because it seems like changing it to accommodate a forward shoulder is a really popular adjustment.

I wonder if there's any correlation between a good-looking pattern and a good-looking garment?

Part of why I'm focusing on making a shirt again is because I bought 4 yards of blue and green shirting fabric for $4 and the thrift store, which is all I've spent on clothes so far in May, I think.

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