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Saturday, 31 August 2013


God, I love those shoes.

After inching along for months, I've finally finished my Rundschau self-drafted skirt! Can you believe it? Neither can I!

I'm not completely happy with the fit or construction but I feel like it's the best I can do with my abilities and of course, I learned a lot!

I'm thinking I might make another skirt right away to solidify what I've learned and tweak the pattern now that I've worn the thing and seen it photographed. (Don't you hate when you think something looks good and then when you photograph it, you see all the issues?)

Here you can see the zipper and button
closure. My zipper-insertion-by-hand
skills need work.

I also want it on the record that I hand stitched this thing. Yeah. I kind of love hand stitching. I thought it would be a big mess but it turns out that it allows for a lot more precision. Yay.

The button hole wasthe last step and I kind of choked.
 Not my best work but in my defense, the tab I was
sewing through was really thick!

This skirt also feels delicious. I used a fine grey wool and lining that feels like Bemberg but burns like cotton. I bought it from Downtown Fabrics in Toronto and the guy swore it is cotton. Whatever it is, it feels great. I used a technique from Classic Tailoring Techniques: A Practical Guide for Women's Wear by Cabrera. It involves folding the hem over the raw edge of the lining, so it's all enclosed like at the bottom of a jacket. now that I've tried it this way, I don't know why anyone would ever have the lining hemmed separately. I've always hated hemming linings. Never again!

What project have you learned the most from?