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Friday, 4 October 2013

Curtain Call

Where have I been for the last month, you might ask? Actually, probably not, though. More likely, you haven't even noticed that I haven't posted for weeks.

But I'll tell you anyway! I've been making curtains! I had to move all the furniture out of my living room. More than once. I'm so glad that's behind me.

Have you ever made curtains? I don't usually make home furnishings but I have some accent pillows in my future, too. What's the biggest project you've ever made?

Protip: it's nearly impossible to photograph curtains well with all that backlighting. Ugh.

I used this pleating tape that has cords in it that you pull tight to make the pleats. It's all premeasured! It made it easier in some ways and harder in others (like making sure that the seam falls between the pleats, and also that the flat edges on both curtains mirror each other.).

I love this fabric but it was a bit of a nightmare to work with. the pattern is actually sewn-on cording and the grainline was pretty wonky and I had to fudge a few things. I hate having to fudge things!

These curtains were one heck of a project but they sure are sexy! And we've finally been able to retire the bed sheet that was hanging in our window for the last year (and a half). In this last picture, in the top left corner you can kind of see the light fixture that made. Yeah. And I painted my walls a dark, dramatic grey. My bedroom is going to be so sexy.

Back to the actual curtains. I mostly used this tutorial and some videos from this Youtube channel. I didn't really find a lot of resources out there, though.

I can't believe they're finally done! I'm really excited to get back to sewing clothes!

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