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Friday, 8 November 2013

Kill your darlings

This is nothing new in the sewing blogosphere. My sewing skills have evolved to the point where I'm re-evaluating some of the first garments that I made.

Do you upgrade your staples as your skills improve? What should I do with these old skirts? It seems like a waste to throw them out but they're really, really not very well made. (Oh, my God, the zippers!)

These are the first two skirts that I made:

Wow, what is up with those front darts?

Yikes, what a mess!

At the time that I made these, I was so happy with them! Now I see how much better I can do, I'm retiring them. You may notice that the first two skirts that I've made with the self drafted pattern (below) are like upgrades of the old skirts: basic grey and a dark purplishmaroon. They're real wardrobe staples for me!

Also of note: In the last couple of months I've spent $70 on a houndstooth marino wool sweater, $70 on materials for my most recent skirt and $80 on a new bikini (I'm going to Hawaii!!!!)


  1. Donate them to the opshop (charity shop). That's what I do with wearable muslins and things I've made that aren't me but well made nonetheless. If you don't thing they're well made enough for someone else to use, cut 'em up for scraps/facings/pockets etc.

    And please get rid of recaptcha.

  2. Thanks for the tips! (I had to google recaptcha. I'm not great with technology.)