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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Look at my new dress!

I finished this dress a week ago and I've been trying to figure out how I can make this post interesting and not just me bragging about my new dress but...

Look at my new dress! It's completely self drafted! It's perfect! I'm a genius.

I'm so glad I took the time to start drafting this year. Even though it ended up really slowing down my sewing, I feel like the results are worth it! I have a much better understanding of the principals of fitting and the results are better than any commercial pattern I've used.

I've removed recaptcha from the comments (thanks to a tip from the lovely lady at The Perfect Nose, whose name I sadly do not know), so feel free to let me know how impressed you are.

I think I get most excited about my most basic garments.

This dress is the pretty much the best thing ever. I used the self drafted skirt pattern that I used for my last two skirts and a self drafted bodice that I started back in March but hadn't made into anything yet. I just added a boat neckline using this tutorial and stuck the two together and bada bing bada boom. 

Oh, and I used pleats instead of darts.

God, I love this dress! I can wear it to work or out to dinner and it's comfortable. Yay!

The black wool crepe and other materials totaled about $60. No way would I have been able to buy a dress this nice that fits this well for $60.


  1. Beautiful fit!! I've really been enjoying to follow your progress in the world of pattern drafting!

    1. Hey, thanks! I hope I can show that drafting doesn't have to be intimidating.

  2. It's beautiful! In my opinion, well worth the time spent.

  3. This is awesome (the self drafted dress and the lack of hideous recaptchas but mostly how awesome it looks on ya). Love the pleats instead of darts styling.