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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sultan's Fine Fabrics, where have you been all my life?

Last weekend, instead of doing my Christmas shopping, I went up to Sultan's Fine Fabrics to indulge myself with some fabric shopping.

Worth it!

They've got tonnes of gorgeous fabric, all natural fibers. I can't believe I've just found them now.

I bought:

A delicious wool jersey in an inky indigo colour. It's soft as silk and was pretty overpriced at nearly $60 a yard but I've been looking for good wool jersey for years. I'm usually pretty good about bargaining but I just can't haggle at a wholesale place if I'm buying a yard and a half.

Also delicious, this super 150 suiting caused such a stir when I got to the cash register. It was a remnant of about 2 1/5 yards for $25. "Do you know how much this sells for?" Sultan was so excited he totally interrupted his own conversation to make a big deal of what a good deal I was getting. Apparently it's usually priced at $125 a yard. However accurate that might or might not be, this fabric is sumptuous. I could eat it with a spoon.

Altogether, I spent $125.

Anyway, Sultans - I'll be back, but not too often, I'll bankrupt myself. They have tie silk!

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