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Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Dress!

Season's Greetings! We had a white Christmas this year, did you?

Did you finish your Christmas dress on time? It seems like everyone in the sewing blogosphere makes a Christmas dress. I mean, who could forget Gertie's Red Lace Dress? This year I made the easiest dress ever - the Kwik Sew K3559. It's the same pattern that I used for my Eight Days a Week dress. It was so easy I managed to get it finished before I went on vacation!
I sure was glad to have this dress to wear on Christmas. So cozy!


  1. That's adorable - esp. with the hat!

  2. Love it. The hat makes it perfect. +1x10.

  3. Dress looks fab.. I would love to buy this pattern wold anyone know where i can get it from please.