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Monday, 23 December 2013

Seasonally appropriate tutorial

Nothing says Yule time cheer like making your own beach cover-up. Enjoy this seasonally appropriate tutorial. Merry Christmas!

Cut out two trapezoids with the measurements in the illustration. Notice that the back piece is 1" longer than the front. Also cut neck holes front and back and raise the hemline on the front piece. Feel free to change any of the measurements to suit your size. 5/8" seam allowance is included in all measurements.

Make a 4" shoulder seam on each side starting from the neckline. You’ll stop a good few inches from the side edge of the fabric. Press open the seam and fold under the seam allowance from the neck hole all the way to the side edge of the fabric and top stitch to finish.
Use a rolled hem foot to finish the sides.
Finish the neck hole and the hems with bias tape, folding under raw edges and top-stitching down

Wrong sides together, align the bottom corners of the front with the bottom corners of the back (remember that the back is longer than the front? The shoulder seam will fall a little bit to the front of the garment.)
On the front, mark a point 13.5" down from the shoulder seam and 9.5" out from the centre. Connect the point to the bottom corners with chalk. Stitch the line from the point to 4" before the bottom corner.
You’re done!

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