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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Fast-ish Fashion ...ish

Oh yeah, clothes are supposed to be fun!

I made this outfit on a whim. Well, as much of a whim as I can get when sewing. The shirt is based on the bodice for this dress I'm drafting and the skirt is the same basic block that I used for this and this and also these dresses. I just made it have a contoured waistband.

Because I was making this mostly for looks, I let myself skip some of the more labour intensive techniques and I used some synthetic fabrics. The shirt is rayon and the skirt is a poly-wool blend.

I was inspired by this

Look how cute! I'm so envious of this girl's style that I even copied her red purse. Check out how off grain the pattern is at the hem of her skirt. What's up with that? Love this look, though.

Running shoes! I made my outfit to wear to a funk show, so I wanted to be able to dance. Thank you Chanel, for making running shoes chic.

Yup. I've already worn the shirt with my pegged skirt and I looked fierce.

And thanks Brian! Brian's a friend of mine who is also a professional photographer and total boss. Watch out dude, a girl could get used to this.

Man, it was really fun to make something trendy, just to wear to a show!

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