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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Summer Dress Bodice Muslin

Progress already!

Here's a reminder of what I want the finished dress to look like.

I'm using instructions from Patternmaking for Fashion Design to alter my basic bodice. I figured to get the bodice I want, I would have to draft a short kimono sleeve (pg 334-336) and a blouson (pg 142). Easy right?

Actually, it turned out pretty well but there are a couple of details I'm not sure of. The biggest thing for me is in adding the blousing. Here's the picture of the instructions:

See the 1" addition to the centre of the bodice back? There's no explanation for that in the instructions. Not even a mention of it!

And on top of that, I got confused and added 1" to both the front and back bodice patterns.

So here's the bodice with the extra 1" that I added pinned out of the front.

I had to crop this super tight because I was giving the bitchiest bitch face

OK so the photos are terrible but the bodice itself is starting to take shape! I made this muslin up with a fabric that is very close to the fabric that I'll be using for the final dress and I even included the facings. I don't want any nasty surprises when I'm making up my final garment.

Next steps:

  • finalize the bodice and facing patterns (gotta make sure I don't accidentally add that extra 1" to the front again).
  • draft the gathered, flared skirt with a cascade.
  • figure out which grain to cut the skirt on
Everything sounds so easy when it's written in bullet points!

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