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Friday, 25 April 2014

I love my cropped sweater!

I laaahhhv eeet!

I made this to wear with my sheer layered skirt but when I finished it, I just couldn't wait to wear it!

This is how I wore it to work.

Of course, at work I wore my gorgeous nude Jimmy Choos (seen here), but I forgot them at the office today.

This is a fully self-made outfit! I know that millions of sewing bloggers have entire wardrobes full of nothing but self-made clothes, but for me, this feels pretty special.

Maybe the best part was all the oohing and ahhing that I received from my colleges. I work with some stylish ladies so their approval felt great!

I used another wonderful doubleface wool knit from Sultan's Fine Fabrics. It is scrumptious. Things did get a little bulky in the seams, though, especially where I attached the neckband. I ended up topstitching it down with a straight stitch, which somehow managed to remain stretchy.

I need to mention that this project would have been about a million times more frustrating if it weren't for the focus on knits at coletterie lately. A few of the tips they've posted in the last few weeks went a long to to making this happen. Most notably, the use of a twin needle for finishing and the recommendation to attach the sleeves flat and then sew the side/arm seam as one. I just have a regular old sewing machine, so these tips came in handy!

Definitely gonna have to get their new book. I'm really starting to get a taste for sewing knits!

Oh, and the zipper turned out OK! It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but everything worked out.


  1. Wow this is totally inspiring! I want to make my own!! You did an amazing job with this sweater, and the zipper looks very professional.

    1. Thank you! It was amazingly easy. I have plans to make a Breton stripe version without the zipper, too!

  2. That turned out really cute. The zipper/trim are especially nice.