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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

First ever princess seams

I'm working on drafting a pattern for a dress with contrast binding (or piping? Help?). I decided to give princess seams a try to get some nice style lines happening.

Wow, my balance lines are wonky! But I think the adjustment I've made with the pins makes sense, yes? This is my first time making anything with princess seams, let alone drafting them, and I've designed kinda unconventional seams, with them meeting the neck hole instead of the shoulder or armhole.

For my next muslin, I'll be taking out length in the front (maybe not as much as I have pinned here), tapering to the side seams; taking it in a little on the side seams at the under arm; and shift the princess seams outward from the centre.

Yeah, definitely not going to take out as much as I have pinned. Ugh.

Back looks pretty good! I just drafted shoulder princess seams and a yoke.

I'll be carving out a little more of the pattern around the armholes and maybe the neck, too, but not enough to get my head through the neck hole, so I'll have to use a centre back zipper.

I really prefer to use a side zipper, to keep it less visible, but that's just not an option with the neckline I want. Matching up that yoke seam is gonna be a trick.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the end result. It's nice to be able to follow your progress and have a glimpse of your design and pattern making process here.