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Friday, 12 September 2014

A Canadian Seamstress in Istanbul

I was in Istanbul last week!

Have you been? This was my first time.

The view from Topkapi Palace

What an amazing city!

We only had a few weeks to plan. I tried Googling to find fabric stores, but aside from the fabric section of the grand bazaar, I really wasn't sure where to go.

Me, distracted at the bazaar

Most of the fabric stores in the Grand Bazaar only seemed to carry very cheap or upholstery fabrics. I was starting to despair! And then, on my last day there, I found it.

Bagzibagli Nisantasi

(OK, I have to admit, I was too excited to take a picture while I was there, I had to find a pic on the internet.)

There were a bunch of other fabric stores in the neighbouring streets but I'm pretty sure this is the best store in the city. They had so many gorgeous fabrics, prices were flexible, the store was pristine and the staff were so helpful!

If you're ever in Istanbul, I would highly recommend visiting this store. They're just a block from Osmanbey Metro Station.

Seriously, if only we had even one store like this in Toronto!

Want to see what I bought?

 A gorgeous Valentino linen!

The linen will become a dress inspired by this Carolyn Schnurer dress that I've had on my mind for years.

This delicious silk!

The silk will be a pencil skirt like this.

But I might also make a matching blouse for this kind of look.

Oh la la!

Now all I need is a working sewing machine!


  1. Ah i like your blog and im a seamstress fro Istanbul :)Nisantasi and Grand Bazaar pretty expencive but most quality and nice things there you can always find ! Du

    1. Hi there. I am moving to Istanbul in August 2015 and will need a seamstress. Where can I find you? :)

    2. Hi Cheryl, I was just visiting Istanbul but while there I could see there was no shortage of seamstresses and tailors. I would highly recommend you visit the area around Osmanbey Station and ask at the fabric shops and boutiques for recommendations. Best of luck!