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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Jacket progress

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

So the title of this post is pretty misleading because I've made barely any progress since my last post about it. In my defense, I spent a week in Mexico!

Lounging poolside at our swim-up room. In my self-made dress. Heaven.

We decided to go to an all-inclusive for a week instead of buying Christmas presents for each other. What a great idea! This is the first time doing an all-inclusive and it was just what I needed. So relaxing!

Of course, I wasn't able to work on my jacket while I was there so all I've managed to get done in, like, the last two weeks is to line the sleeves which took four and a half hours. Ugh. I'm so slow! I'm now at 34.75 hours. I just have to attach the sleeves and line it. What do you think? Over or under 60 hours? (FYI, since the fabric is so thick - and I want to have some contrast buttonholes - I'm going to have them professionally done, so that will significantly reduce the hours I'll spend at the end.) I'm hoping to have this jacket ready to wear on January 2. Wish me luck!

This is my first time attempting surgeon's cuffs. I had to alter the pattern I was using because it didn't include a sleeve vent at all but I think I might have drafted the vent too short. Now that the sleeve is hemmed, the actual opening is only about 2 1/2 inches. not sure if that will be enough.

I constructed the sleeve and lining according to the instructions in Classic Tailoring Techniques. The lining of the vent is almost exactly like making the vent in a skirt, but just different enough to completely throw me off. I think next time I might combine that technique and some of the instructions from Tailoring. The results that I got this time are passable but not exactly tidy.


  1. The first time I made a tailored coat (for a theatre production), the time budgeted was 80 hours, to include my on the job training. So there you go, tailoring takes time! Especially when you are learning - I'm super impressed with your determination. And it looks like Mexico was lovely and warm - an excellent alternative to gifts!