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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Style crush - BBC's Sherlock: I take the precaution of a good coat

Guys...Sherlock's coat.

Right? I'm seriously coveting some great outerwear.

I mean, really.

I'm not crazy about the cut of the rest of the costumes for Mr. Cumberbatch (or for Andrew Scott, who plays Moriarty, though I love those little club collars). I feel like the cuts are just a little too slim.
Wearing ease, bro.
But I think I'm in the majority with my admiration of his coat. (Click that link. It's basically coat porn. Except for the pics of the revolting Hot Topic knock-offs. Barf.)

I happen to be in need of a new winter coat. Mine is 7 years old now and doesn't fit me very well anymore. I was actually hoping that I would make my own this winter but I don't feel ready for quite that much of a challenge (I'll see how the jacket I'm working on now goes and maybe I'll start a winter coat in like, March, so it'll be ready for next winter).

Anyway, I love the cut of this coat!

As much as I like the more common pea or chesterfield winter coats, that kind of shape definitely wouldn't work for me.


Look at how prettily that coat is cut! I really think a shape like that would flatter me. And there's lots of seams for shaping in the back.

If it isn't obvious, I'm thinking this will be my inspiration for my winter coat.

I did a little more snooping around on the interwebs and found some interesting info about this style of coat. The Sherlock fandom calls this the Belstaff (the brand name of the coat) and you can read the origin story here.

I had done a few brief searches for patterns that might be appropriate but I couldn't find any (at least not with the search words I was using).

Today I was looking up paletot and came across some images that actually looked quite similar to the shape I'm looking for.

Look at this hipster handsome devil.

Anyway, one post I saw (on cutter and tailor - love) described an ulster lapel and look at what I found.

The Ulster Coat. Look familiar?

Looking at the full description, this is Mr. Holmes' jacket to a T right down to the cuffs and patch pockets. I love that the traditional caped version of the Ulster is the coat that people associate with the original Sherlock.

One thing that I've realized (now that I've read some of the original Sherlock source material) is that the show does a really nice job of including all these little nods to the original stories. I know that Mark Gattis (co-creator of Sherlock and the actor who plays Mycroft) is a fan, but I guess that the original costumer must have been as well.


Oh, also, I really like the morning coats in The Sign of Three. Have some gratuitous formal wear shots.

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