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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hey, remember that jacket I made like a million years ago?

Isn't it funny how being back at work after a nice long vacation just sucks the life out of you?

Not ha ha funny, obviously.

In any case, I meant to photograph this jacket as soon as the buttonholes were done but I just couldn't get up the energy until today.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Style crush: Hannibal

I mean, not a crush crush. A style crush.

I love that Hannibal doesn't just have great clothes. He has great, consistent style. And the clothes are used to denote something-or-other about the character wearing them blah blah bold, blah blah refined. Also, eye candy.

Because who doesn't love a windowpane?

Friday, 2 January 2015

Cute Christmas prezzies

Thanks to the Art of Doing Stuff, I make a pact each year to get all of my Christmas stuff done before November 30, so that I can spend December feeling smug (and for the last two years, going on vacation, so I was double smug).

Anyway, it was a close call this year but I made it! A couple of days in November were spent making cute little purses for my cute little nieces!

I used the BurdaStyle pattern Quilted Heart Purse.

They took about a day each to make, although the second one was a lot easier. All that quilting and piping takes time!

I also filled them up with fun little things like music boxes, a Santa the grows grass for hair and other cheap trinkets. Kind of like a Christmas stocking, which was always my favorite part!

So that's pretty much it, except to say that now I'm kind of obsessed with quilted accessories, especially this purse.

Right? Yeah, I'll keep dreaming.