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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hey, remember that jacket I made like a million years ago?

Isn't it funny how being back at work after a nice long vacation just sucks the life out of you?

Not ha ha funny, obviously.

In any case, I meant to photograph this jacket as soon as the buttonholes were done but I just couldn't get up the energy until today.

January in Toronto is so bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak. I had to put on my bright lipstick to cheer myself up.

Here are the buttonholes I had made. Not bad for $10!

All things considered, I'm pretty happy with how this jacket turned out. It's warm, comfortable and wearable.

The fabric I used does leave something to be desired and I'm not in love with how this fits me. And I think the shoulders are a little big. I ended up taking almost all of the layers out of the shoulder pads I used and trimming them down and they're still a little bigger than I want. Though they do balance out the old hips there.

Gah! I know that turning my face slightly would be much more flattering but I just look right at the camera. I just still get a little uncomfortable when I'm getting my picture taken and my brain kind of goes off-line.

Yeah, like that. So much better.

This pattern didn't mark the roll like of the lapel, which I thought was odd. I'm still not entirely sure that I got the roll line and button location right. I was reading Bespoke and they say that "the one-button is notoriously difficult to balance - the cutter's answer to a perfect pirouette en point," so I won't feel too bad if perfection is eluding me at this point.

I'm not sure how long to took me to sew on buttons. Probably, like two hours because I'm slow at everything. So let's say the total time spent was 47 hours. That's not bad I guess.

Back view: kind of a mess. I'm going to choose to believe that it's like that because I had my silk scarf on underneath.

In Bespoke they say that a bespoke jacket takes about 52 man hours, but I didn't do any basting fittings and adjustments to the fit - which would have taken forever for me - and I didn't make my own buttonholes. I also know that they have more structure in the upper breast area that requires more time and I just have to two patch pockets and none inside. So there you have it.

I did line my jacket by hand and I really love the result. I didn't really have a reason for choosing this technique other than there seem to be so many different ways to line a jacket and this was the one that I understood the best. I used Bemberg lining so it feels wonderful.


  1. Great jacket. Fab images.
    Would you mind me sharing this on SSB in the future? I credit, link to your post and let you know when featured.

    1. Thanks Sassy T! You're welcome to use images with credt. Thanks for asking! I don't have facebook but I've started following Thread Noir. That's you, right?

  2. Yeah that's me, when I find the time to blog. Thanks for authorising. Yeah the page is set up to showcase DIY's . I credit etc. A good way to introduce others to new bloggers.

  3. I'm very impressed! I think it's beautiful, it looks like it fits perfectly to me!