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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Style crush: Hannibal

I mean, not a crush crush. A style crush.

I love that Hannibal doesn't just have great clothes. He has great, consistent style. And the clothes are used to denote something-or-other about the character wearing them blah blah bold, blah blah refined. Also, eye candy.

Because who doesn't love a windowpane?

Hannibal wears bespoke 3-piece suits from Toronto`s Garrison Bespoke with lush ties in huge double Windsor knots. Please excuse me for a moment while I give mad props to Christopher Hargadon (the costume designer) and also whoever approved the budget for costumes on this show.

It`s like a feast (ha ha) for your eyes.

Actually the whole show kinda blows my mind, visually, but this post is going to be long enough just with all the pics I have to include of Hannibal's clothes.

Sometimes he pairs his suit with a sweater when he`s feeling outdoors-y and bucolic.

Shit. I did something to my keyboard and now it does an é and É instead of question mark and slash (heh. slash).

Look at this saucy fellow. He is positively déshabillé.

Hey,didn't want to use pretentious French words. My keyboard made me do it.

Oh, the topcoats! Do you love a contrast collar? Of course you do.

And don`t forget this humdinger.

So elegant



Wow. I feel like these style crush posts could be interesting and insightful but mostly end up with me fangirling all over these clothes that I can never wear. Oh well.

Last but not least, check out Hannibal at the zoo!

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