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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Drape-y silk pants muslin

I'll call this a wearable-ish muslin, because I wore it out but it's really not built to last. Parts of it may or may not be held together with tape.

This is actually my third muslin. I had to make the whole waistband stretchy, not just the back part, for it to fit over my tuckus.

You may notice that these pants are all about the bass. I've decided that I'm OK wearing pants that make a big deal out of my butt (not that it needs any help). For so long I've been choosing clothes based primarily on how well they disguise my rear but these days I'm like eh, fuck it.

Super glad that big butts are in style.

Since I really got to test-drive this muslin, I've realized that it needs a little less length in the front crotch (it gets a little diaper-y when i bend forward) and a little more in the back (there's definitely some wedgie action when I sit down or go up stairs). I'm also going to straighten the side seam a little. Since they've got so much ease, the side seam doesn't really need to curve around the hip. I think I'll make a pair in black wool crepe and then tackle the silk. So excited!

Edit: these are made with the Burda Style Elastic Waist Pants 10/2015

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