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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Drapey silk pants

Hey, you know those drapey pants that have been a thing for a couple of years? The ones that usually have an elasticated waistband and sometimes even elasticated cuffs?

Like this.

Or this?

Yeah, up until a couple of days ago I hated them. And then I tried some on and now I must have some. I don't even care. I want them to be super floral, too.

Imagine how cool I will look once the spring weather hits! I'm assuming it will be spring any day now, right?

Anyway, here are some more photos I'm using for inspiration. 

Look at those floral pants! I will totally rock mine with a button-up shirt.

Oooh, or a blazer.

Hmm, these are a little low and a little short for me. Cool casual look, though!

Oh my gosh these look sooooooo comfortable!

At first I was thinking that I would use the Hudson pant pattern and modify it for a woven, like I've seen a few bloggers doing, but I ended up going for the Burda elastic waist pants - hot off the presses January 2015.

I like that these are a little less casual than the Hudson pants, since they've got a flat front waistband. I'm going to change the pleats into gathers, I think, and change up those pockets or omit them completely.

I've even ordered the fabric! This stretch silk charmeuse from Tahari that's already on it's way to me from emmaonesock.

I didn't realize that it was stretch until I'd already ordered it, so hopefully it works out! I think it will, though.

I have my pattern printed and I've got some cheap drape-y polyester to practice with so hopefully I can get a muslin done this weekend.

So excited!!!!

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  1. I've had the same urge. I'm going for style arc Lola trousers with loud floral crepe