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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easy slit pant hem tutorial

Hello all!

As I was making the muslins for the Burda Style Elastic Wait Pant, I realized that these pants get super narrow at the hem! I could always get my foot through but I knew that eventually it would distort the hem and maybe even break stitches so for my black crepe version, I tried adding a little split at the bottom of the outside seam. Also, I think it looks pretty chic, right?

I actually borrowed a friend's RTW pants that have this same detail to figure out how to do it myself. That was an awkward conversation for me (but Caela was super cool about it because she's super cool about everything).

Anyway, it's pretty easy but I thought I'd post a little tutorial anyway. Here goes!

Friday, 20 March 2015

The best pants

Hello pants! I mean hello friends! These are just as wonderful and crazy as I had hoped they would be.I knew that I needed photos that did them justice, so I took photos at the ROM. The sunlight was so wonderful! And the ROM is a cool-ass building.

This fabric, from, is silk with a little bit of width-wise stretch. It feels so nice! I'm glad it has a little give because the hens are very narrow. I stitched the hem with a double needle to keep a little of the stretch.

I used this pattern from BurdaStyle, but I changed so many things!

  • added pockets!
  • shortened by 4 1/2"
  • reduced the curve of the side seams
  • made more than half of the waistband elasticated (half was not enough!)
  • lengthened the back crotch seam and shortened the front crotch seam

FYI, it was windy. I was trying to work it. Right?

I can't wait for the weather to get nice so I can wear them all the time!

Edit: these are made with the Burda Style Elastic Waist Pants 10/2015

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Even more pants!

Hello there! After wearing my last version around a bit, there were a few more slight alterations that I wanted to try out. And that means more muslins! This is like, number 4? or 5?

For this version, I extended the crotch curve on the back only. I also included a small, non-elasticated section of the waistband at the front. Most important, I included pockets! I forgot to accommodate the gathers when I drafted the pockets so they gape a little, which is not ideal but these are such a slouchy silhouette that it doesn't really matter.

For this version, I also tested out the seam finishing that I will use for the final pair, so I've got french seams and felled seams throughout.

Edit: these are made with the Burda Style Elastic Waist Pants 10/2015

Now that I've given myself permission to wear this kind of pant, I'm considering something even more wacky.

Jumpsuits! Right? What do you think?