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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Even more pants!

Hello there! After wearing my last version around a bit, there were a few more slight alterations that I wanted to try out. And that means more muslins! This is like, number 4? or 5?

For this version, I extended the crotch curve on the back only. I also included a small, non-elasticated section of the waistband at the front. Most important, I included pockets! I forgot to accommodate the gathers when I drafted the pockets so they gape a little, which is not ideal but these are such a slouchy silhouette that it doesn't really matter.

For this version, I also tested out the seam finishing that I will use for the final pair, so I've got french seams and felled seams throughout.

Edit: these are made with the Burda Style Elastic Waist Pants 10/2015

Now that I've given myself permission to wear this kind of pant, I'm considering something even more wacky.

Jumpsuits! Right? What do you think?

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