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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Springtime dress

Hi guys! It seems like it took forever but spring is finally here! How is your spring going so far?

I know that every blogger will sympathize with me when I complain about how awkward it is to take photos of yourself in public! Exhaustively awkward, so I'm left without sufficient energies to come up with any kind of decent title for this jam.

The awkwardness was probably not helped by the fact that I was wearing heels on grass. Just wobbling around like I don't even know.

I hope I can make up for it with what turned out to actually be some decent photos. Credit is almost entirely due to the golden hour, and this handy new gadget we got for the camera.

It's called Miops and thanks to this little guy, I've got about a million pictures! You know how it always seems like you're taking lots of photos and then you get home and look at them on your computer and it's like: no, no, nope, what's my body even doing, why is my face? The Miops lets you set it to take X number of photos at X interval. You can take, like, 60 pic in a minute! Crazy useful.

Anyway, here are some more photos. I've got 'em so I might as well use 'em.

I used the same self-drafted pattern that I used for this dress and I'm just as happy with the results. This dress is so easy to wear!

I used this technique from the Slapdash Sewist to line my dress, the same as the first version. I took some photos of the dress inside-out but with the off-white lining, it didn't really look like anything! Here's the back view and you can see I'm just aerating the hell out of the turf.

Oh yeah, I also bought a crazy bright lipstick last week. It's Sephora's Lustre Matte lip colour in magenta. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it but so far I'm having fun wearing it!