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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer Fabric Binge!

Oh, hello there, I'm back! I've barely posted anything in ages. In the last year I've started going to the gym again and also joined a big band. I'm so grateful to be playing again but I've barely got time to sew anymore!

I recently finished my first garment in ages (I'll be posting pics soon). I've got the sewing bug again so last week I made a significant fabric purchase! Nothing like a fabric binge to get those creative juices flowing.

As always, I'm sticking to I love the detail they include in their descriptions, they're always responsive to questions and helpful and I trust them!

Below is a roundup of the fabric that I ordered and my sewing plans.

Pleated skirt:

Since I made a few floral pleated skirts last summer (this one and this one), I've had a hankering for one with horizontal stripes. Look at this delicious silk I ordered!

I will use the same pleat measurements (I can't really call it a pattern) as the floral skirts but I think I'm going to not have the top of the pleat stitched together. The inverted box pleats will open right at the waistband, rather than a few inches below, to make it look more like the inspiration pic above.

Paneled sheath dress:

I wear my two self-drafted princess seamed sheath dresses (whew, what a mouthful! They're here and here) so much! They're perfect for the office and I always get so many compliments. I'm going to use this cotton sateen I bought to make a version with contrast panels like the pic below.

So many more pants!

I love the floral pants that I made so much that I must have MOAR!

I'm going to make a floral jersey version using this delicious rayon.

Inspiration pic:

And a tribal jersey version:

Kinda like this:

I have a road trip coming up in August, so I'm planning to basically live in these.

Something else!

I also bought this fabric because I have been eyeing it since the got it in. I got the last piece!

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to make with it. Maybe something like this?

This fabric is polyester which I usually avoid like the plague but fuck it. YOLO. Now I'm thinking I might make one of those dresses that looks like a separate skirt and blouse, with this panel fabric on the top and some cute pink tweed (never thought I would be considering cute pink tweed) on the bottom. Not sure if cute pink tweed is really my thing, though.

So basically

I can't wait to sew up a storm! Also, some friends got married and in one week we're going to to a fairly formal dinner to celebrate (the groom will be wearing a tux). I would love to make a glamorous jumpsuit (even more surprising to me than the pink tweed! Major charachter development here on Wardrobe Dysfunction, TBH) but I'm not sure I have the time. What should I do? Do you think I would get lots of use out of something like this?

GEORGIA MAY JAGGER (Valentino, £2,250): I think this is just ghastly. Georgia May, who looks eerily like Kate Moss rather than her mother, in a jumpsuit made of nude lace; surely the most overused, ubiquitous,  doily-like fabric in human history

I mean, I definitely would, right?


  1. If you make it, occasions will come! Love your floral rayon pick, too.

    1. 10/10 agree. Now I just need to find the time!