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Friday, 22 April 2016

Style ease life


Friends, here are my photos of the giant oversized Chambray shirt-dress! I'm wearing it as a shirt because it's still chilly and it might actually be a bit short to wear as a dress. I'll have to see how I feel once the weather heats up!

This week I attended the Alan Baker Memorial Lecture "From Dinos to DNA" at the ROM. Very interesting stuff, though some of it was over my head. And of course there was a reception afterward! The ROM really is an exceptional building, on top of being a great and engaging museum. So glad we were able to snap some pics there!

As I said in my last post, I used the BurdaStyle Boyfriend Shirt. I don't know about you but I always wish BurdaStyle would provide more information and pics of their patterns! So I'm going to try to include in this post some of the information at I would want to know if I was shopping this pattern.

I used size 40, which was the middle of the size range available for this pattern. My measurements are 34-26-39 with a height of 5'4". According to the size chart the size 40 is drafted for someone with measurements: 36-29-38 and the garment's finished measurements are 49-46.5-51.5. So much ease! These measurements are pretty rough, though. It's hard to accurately measure such a gigantic garment!

Feeling my little booties!

Oh, I should also mention that once the shirt was finished I just sewed down two tucks - one on each side seam to take in about 5 inches. I found that when I wore it with a belt the bottom hem would kinda flare and these tucks fixed that. The shirt is so big the tucks just get lost amongst all that fabric! See on the side there?

This pattern also includes the BurdaStyle Safari Jacket, so I used the longer pattern pieces to make the dress (I shaped the hem like the shirt but used the length from the jacket). I didn't make any other changes to the pattern and it sewed up quick and easy. I follow almost all the techniques in DPC's Shirtmaking, so I was thrilled that the arm-body seam matched up perfectly for a flat construction. It drives me crazy how many shirt patterns have sleeves that are meant to be set in.

I did make a little mistake in that I cut the collar and collar stand too short. I measured before I cut out, but when I went to sew it together, it was all wrong. I ended up just re-cutting the whole thing.

And, of course, what's a trip to the ROM without a nightcap at the Museum Tavern? This place is so gorgeous and they have delicious cocktails. The style really knocks my socks off! The whole bar top was copper (it matched the copper cups).

As always, credit for the great pics goes to the fantastic Brian Chambers. Thank you Brian!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Shirt dress obsessed

Oh hai there!

It's spring, you guys! And for some reason a couple of weeks ago I suddenly got obsessed with oversized chambray shirt dresses. So obsessed that I finally caved and joined Pinterest so I could keep track of all the pictures I was pouring over.

Pics like this:


So pretty, right?

I don't normally go for volume and I don't normally go for short but I'm so feeling this look.

I've already put a lot of work into about 5 different shirt patterns but I realized that I wanted something that was pretty different from the patterns I had used in the past.

So I created another Pinterest account to keep track of all the patterns I was thinking about using!

I mostly looked at BurdaStyle. Partly because I love that I don't have to wait for shipping but also because they always have so much wearing ease. Have you noticed this, too? It was actually one of the things that made me start drafting my own patterns. It was just so frustrating that I was swimming in even their smallest sizes. Every time I got a new pattern I had to spend hours altering patterns just to get them small enough, and I'm pretty average-sized! 

Anyway, I ended up going with the Boyfriend Shirt because I wanted a shirt with traditional details and that was drafted for traditional construction techniques - things like a flat constructed sleeve and a yoke. 

I really love making shirts! I love that all the raw edges are enclosed. I love that they're versatile (Work, Weekend. So sharp.). I love that they can just go in the washing machine! 

So many of the dresses that I've made have to be dry cleaned and clothing guards only do so much.

Anyway, I was really pleased because I managed to whip up my shirt dress in a weekend! I've noticed lately that I've gotten a lot faster at sewing. Wheeeeeeeeee.

I've been wearing my new shirt all week even though it's a little cold. I just wear it with jeans! This week I wore it to a lecture at the ROM and snapped some photos at the reception afterward. I love being a ROM member!

I can't wait to show you guys the photos!