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Saturday, 4 June 2016

What's a great dress without the perfect hair?

Guys, my dress is smashing! I can't wait to post pics, but while those are in the works I want to share with you the journey I've been on to achieve the perfect hair.

In my research for the dress, I fell in love with the illustrations on the pattern envelopes I was seeing online. So elegant!

I liked the finger wave and I knew I wanted the back up off my neck, to maximize the drama of the open back.

I did briefly consider the poodle updo, but I worried that it might look a little more I Love Lucy than I really wanted.

Maybe next time ; p

In the end, though, I really did want to try some finger waves and a faux bob. possibly influenced by all the Downton Abbey I've been watching lately (I know DA is the wrong era but there are definitely some style elements that lasted into the mid-thirties, which is what I was going for).

I really had no idea where to start so I got on Pinterest and Youtube and just started trying things!

Heh. I heat set pin curls, then used a brush, comb, fingers and clips to set the waves.

Hmmm... not quite right.

Closer! I experimented with different curl patterns (like how I segmented my hair for curling and what direction I curled it in). The waves were still a little looser than I wanted here, though. I was using my 1" curling iron. Also the back looks like barf. It's really hard to get it nice when I can't see what I'm doing!!!

Even closer! My friend helped me track down a 1/2" curling iron on a trading network. You can see the waves are much tighter and more defined with the smaller curls. It's starting to look more and more like the pattern illustrations! The back was still pretty messy at this point but I eventually got it under control when I realized that I only really needed finger waves in the front, so I didn't have to curl things as tightly in the back as the front. It made it a lot easier to gather it all into a chignon at the base of the skull.

Downside of using the 1/2" curling iron, thought, is that it takes, like, hours to curl my hair with it, since I have to work in such small sections!

I can't wait to show you the final version! You can check out all the tutorials I used on the Pinterest board.

(Edited to fix link to Pinterest board)

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