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Sunday, 17 July 2016

DIY downloadable clothing! What??

Oh, wait, that's what we do every day.

I just saw a tiny article in a magazine about Dutch designer Martijn Strien's Post-Couture Collective, Desctibed as "downloadable clothing patterns that can be cut and assembled by anyone - no sewing experience required (although a laser cutter helps)"

First reaction: neat idea and seriously great branding. The PR photos are very slick and ultra modern.

The look and feel of the website is so aspirational. Sure, the model does kind of look like a cyborg, but she looks like a very pretty and youthful cyborg. Very clean and modern. How the hell does this work?

Reaction part 2: Watched the video. A laser cutter doesn't "help". It is essential. Who among us doesn't hate the cutting out part of making clothes? Just look at those, like, fractal-looking seams. What a nightmare!

I do love their concept for making seams. Those little fractal-like shapes on the seams weave together and the backward-arrow shape locks it in place. The fabric they use in the video looks like gross foam but I bet a scuba knit would work great!

Oh, and the patterns require you to enter your measurements, and then the pattern adjusts to "fit."

Wow, design files are only 5 Euro.

Reaction part 3: pricing laser cutting in my city. Ooooh the tool library has one...

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