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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Follow-up to DIY downloadable clothing

I was really excited about the concept of so-called downloadable clothing that I wrote about in my last post. I started looking for fabrics, deciding which of the patterns I would try and scouting out places to have the pieces cut.

I planned to use the t-shirt pattern, since it seemed like the thing I would be most likely to actually wear. This pattern, it turns out, requires a cutting surface that is larger than most of the non-industrial laser cutting options had.

Image result for laser cutting machine for fabric

On top of that, apparently neoprene, which seems like the most appropriate material to make this out of, contains spandex, which creates hydrogen cyanide gas (hint: it's not good for you!). Not as bad, I hear, as cutting PVC, which creates hydrogen chloride gas, which will damage people and machinery alike, but still most of the places I contacted flat refused to cut neoprene because of the 8% - 10% spandex content.

My only option was industrial so I emailed out for a quote (and learned that they do water cutting, too, which sounds pretty neat).

Turns out it will cost, like, $250 just for the cutting. So...yeah. Glad I didn't buy my fabrics yet!

I am disappointed, though. Maybe I'll save up.