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Friday, 9 September 2016

Reflecting on this summer

Well, summer's coming to a close.

This summer was a little different for me. I haven't posted a new project in ages because I haven't sewn anything in ages! I did complete one garment but I just didn't have the motivation to get it photographed and posted.

Sometimes I fall into the trap of always expecting myself to get a million things done. Work, working out, trying to keep the house tidy and making sure I have clean clothes in my drawers, playing music. But in the last few months, I decided to take a little break from that expectation. It's been a nice little vacation!

I still kept pretty busy (with an interior decorating project - more on that later) but I took a break from sewing and also put the gym on hold for a bit, at least while I'm still biking every day. I haven't played music in ages.

Like I said above, the thing that's taken up most of my creative energies this summer has been redecorating. Although it's not really redecorating.When my boyfriend and I got together, we ended up with some truly spectacular heirloom furniture. Furniture that was incredibly well-build but was, to me, a real eyesore. In another context, another space, these pieces could be gorgeous, but they were just not for me.

This spring, after almost 10 years, we made the decision (well, I moped and Matt acquiesced) to replace our table, chairs and buffet, with possible option to replace the couch.

Wow, what a difference! The process of interior decorating is simultaneously a blast and completely exhausting. And difficult. So many different elements to remember and so much second-guessing!

I'm happy with the progress so far!

Even with all the progress I've made in the last few months, it seems like this is one of those projects that will never really be complete. Which is exactly as fun as it is frustrating!

Anyway, letting go of the old furniture was surprisingly hard, but I'm so thrilled we did. It really does make such a huge difference in how I feel to come home to a house that is on its was to being beautiful and reflecting my (and hopefully Matt's) personality.

As my space has been transforming, I've found myself more and more motivated to keep the place tidy, and even to cook more and eat at the table together more!

This weekend I tried to "style" our bookcases for the first time (not yet a success - we have too many books!) and made some paper art to hang over our beds.

It's funny, though, because the more I do around the house, the more /excited/anxious I am to make other improvements! It's addictive just like sewing but way more expensive. I'm almost looking forward to the fall weather. I love sewing clothing for the colder months, even if I don't like the cold weather! And it's way more affordable.

All this to say I'll be posting more decorating stuff and probably less sewing stuff. Or maybe I'll start a new blog, who knows?

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