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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Rug burn

Hi friends,

So I'm quickly learning that buying a rug is impossible. Or at least it feels that way.

I knew I wanted the rug to be the focal point for the room, and ordered one online. Turned out that one had been sold from the show room the day before. Since then, I've done nothing but second-guess myself.

I've filled board after board with rugs for sale on Etsy, ebay and chairish. Part of the challenge is that it's really hard to imagine what a rug will look like in the room - inspiration photos can only get you so far - and they're expensive, meaning won't have a do-over if I'm ordering online.

 I got so desperate, I started looking for rug DIYs. Turns out there are a lot of DIYs (Hey, is it just me or are DIY rugs like a new trend? Or am I just seeing it now because I'm obsessed with rugs?) but I don't have faith that any of them will give me the result I want either.

I did see a brand new West Elm kilim style rug on Kijiji that I didn't love but I thought might work so I bought it and tried it out. I wasn't giving me the look I wanted, so I'll have to resell it.

Oh my God, sorry for the terrible quality photo. I was going to take a better one but ...then I didn't. If anyone wants to buy this barely used rug, let me know: $370.

I wanted to try to find a rug from a local shop and I'm super lucky that two fantastic rug shops, Mellah and Tavares Oriental are both within a kilometer of my home. Score! Both allow you to try rugs in your home for a day. The first one I tried was Mellah, even though the style I really like is Turkish and they're Moroccan (why oh why didn't I buy a rug while I was in Turkey?). They didn't have anything in my price range that was wide enough to go under the table. Bummer!

Next I brought home two rugs from Tavares. The first one, which is in the style that I like the most, didn't have the pop I was looking for and it was too narrow.

The second one:

Pretty sexy, right? This is a lot closer to what I'm looking for. The only hesitation with this one is that it has a lot of primary red and blue, as well as a very basic green. It does have some of the golds, oranges, teals and pinks that I love, but I worry that the red, blue, and green would be too limiting to my colour pallet in the future. Such a tricky decision! It's also pretty pricey.

At least I've learned that I need a rug with pops of black and white (thanks, mom, for this hint!), and for it to have rich, intense colours. I also confirmed that the 200cm width I was going for is the right size so that the chairs don't slip off the back when we sit down. I have a better idea of what I should look for in the future.

I'm glad I was able to test this rug, I was starting to think there was no hope for me!

I know I could get away without a rug, but I really think a rug would (oh god sorry!) tie the room together.

Actually I'm not sorry.


  1. Hello Dana,the photos display ...nothing. So it's difficult to appreciate ;0).
    (on Apple Ipad and Firefox, so I guess this is not a prb with the navigator...)
    Francesca W. from Paris

    1. Whoops, thanks for letting me know. I've re-inserted the photos from a different source. Please let me know if there's still a problem!