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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


It's been a while since I was really sewing a lot. As a result I've been wearing mostly the same work clothes for a while. But lately I've been having an itch to step it up a notch. Now that I'm in my 30s, I worry sometimes about dressing too old or too young. I also  have a lot of clothes that I made because I was able to make them, not necessarily because they're what I want to wear everyday or because they project the image I want.

One major example is pants. I've made a couple of pairs of pants and I'm not really happy with any of them. Part of this stems from the technical challenge of pants but there is definitely a deep seated insecurity about my body. Skirts are easier and more forgiving to my body.

I would like to wear more pants, I think. Especially at work. A smart little cigarette trouser, maybe hemmed at the ankle. Last weekend I took another crack at shopping for pants, something that I had avoided for long enough that I had genuinely forgotten the frustration and disappointment that inevitably follows.

Any cute work pant from places like J Crew and Ann Taylor are painted on through the hip and thigh, gape at the waist and bag at the lower leg. Any crotch that is long enough to cover my butt in the back is way too tall in the front. Three stores and I was back to the anxiety I felt before I started sewing my own clothes.

And that thought returns - My body is irreconcilably weird, wrong and unattractive. Why else would it be impossible for me to find pants? Everyone else manages to find pants that fit. There must be something wrong with me.

Okay deep breaths.

I reason with myself that this must not be the truth. My body is fine. The booty's recent rise in popularity has helped me feel more confident about my pear shape, but I'm still just sad about my short, knock-kneed legs. I'm even dealing with knee pain because of the angle of my thighs. Ugh.

I see cute pants on other people and I want that. I know that pants won't really make my legs look longer, or my thighs and hips narrower or my knees straighter. But I would like pants that fit in the waist and skim over my lumpy bits instead of being painted on right where I need camoflage.

I would like some pants that fucking fit and I don't think that's too much to fucking ask.

Monday, 24 April 2017

More interior decorating progress and other stuff

Oh, hi there!

It seems like I've been doing everything except blogging, lately (and really, for a while now). It is nice for me to have a a record of everything I've made but I just don't have the bandwidth to put the time into it that would actually make it good. C'est la vie!

Anyway, I took some photos of our main room, and I'm so happy with the progress! I'm now at a place where I'm not just constantly thinking about all the other changes I want to make.

Oh, and does anyone else find that pics get a lot darker when they save them to Google? I uploaded these to Google Pictures and then to the blog and I swear they get darker every time.



 I'm in love with this rug! Every time I walk into the room I'm happy to see it.

Like it was made for Instagram.

Most important of all, I got the light fixture I've been lusting after for ages!! After a very stressful purchase and shipping experience (I'll spare you the details; it was mostly me stressing out about nothing) it's finally up and I freaking love it!!!

 I had been worried that our ceilings would be too low, but to my eye it looks like a million bucks. I think it really balances the room and it's like having a really beautiful sculpture that also adds some lighting depth. Every time I see it I'm happy.

 Oh, we also did a makeover on our fish tank. It only took a weekend and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it looks. Unfortunately, through a series of unfortunate events (Ich infection, and possibly some poisonous tank decorations) we lost a bunch of fish. Hopefully the tank ecosystem will be back on track soon so we can fill it up again with some pretty little fishies!

Here's another shot of the light. I love that the shape changes from every angle. Isn't it gorgeous?

Bonus round: I recently took some pics of a shirt I made. A friend gave me some gorgeous shirting fabric in lengths that were too small to make a proper shirt out of. So I did an off-the-shoulder blouse!

I'm really pleased with this solution! I know that this trend won't last forever so this is a nice chance to play around with it. And man, it was so quick to sew up! I adjusted a basic shirt pattern (a smaller size of the pattern I used to make this shirt). So simple!

Now I just need the summer weather to get here!